Mod info
BS- H/H, Prot up uses base Health! 60-100k health, speed 230-260
JKR – SPD/H, 50k+ health, speed 280-300. Offense secondaries
GMY – OFF/CC or OFF/H, health above 50k, Offense for max damage, 250+ speed for higher relic GG. Team needs a high geared gmy for this.
JOLEE – TEN/TEN, TEN/H  130-150% tenacity, 60k+ health. Crit avoid arrow needed
HY – SPD/H, bit slower then JKR so hy goes 2nd, as much health as possible

INFO: Whole squad evolves around BASTILA lead and 15% tm, with 200% prot up she gives at start of battle. Since prot up comes from base healt whole squad should be moded with lots of health so that protup lasts longer. Crucial modding is for JOLEE with as much Tenacity ~150%, crit avoidance arrow and at least 60k health, so if GG kills everyone he can survive and revive them.

TACTICS: Start by swaping tm with JKR on GMY, GMY copies buffs, spreads foresight to others before B2 comes out of hiding and dispels your squad, first mark must go on B2, second mark on GG. HY gives MT on GMY but if your JOLEE is lower in ten and health he should get it first.