Gear: Requires high gear for survivability. The characters in the video below are all r5.

Mods: There is some specific modding needed in order to maximize your chances of success. DR: Speed set with a lot of offense. Speed should ideally be 1 below Bastila. Bastila: SPEED. Make her your fastest. The faster the better. Malak: Works with his standard modding setup. Thrawn: Fast, but at least 2 speed slower than Bastila. Ideally protection primaries to make him survive a hit in case of bad RNG. Pre-taunter: Speed irrelevant, focus solely on survivability. He must survive the first hit from SLKR and the assist from SithTrooper. That’s his only role.

Strategy: SLKR goes first, stuns pre-taunter. Hux goes next and gives turn to SLKR, who then does his AOE. At this point he will trigger Malak’s bonus turn. Use Malak and Bastila to remove taunts. Fracture SLKR with Thrawn and put fear on everyone with DR. At this point just keep hitting SLKR while controlling the others with Fear, Stagger and Ability Block. If SLKR has the Ultimate Ability, you must take him out before he uses it.