Strategy: This counter is all about controlling the NS TM and managing plague while killing another NS member 3 times to overcome the undying sacrifice double revive that zombie affords. Use EP AOE to stun the NS. Use Vader force crush to inflict speed down and use Tarking Ultimate Firepower to further remove TM. Use GAT fracture to remove taunt from zombie and target MT for the triple kill. Do not use Vader culling blade on zombie, instead hold it for MT. Also hold Shore regroup until after MT has inflicted plague. Continue to use fracture to control zombie taunt and, when appropriate, on MT to prevent a second application of Dark Magick (plague). Use Grand Admiral’s Command to restore protection on Shore or reengage a stunned or weak toon. If run correctly, Shore and Vader will soak up most of the damage. The major risk to this counter is MT landing multiple stuns on GAT. Tarkin is squishy and also needs to be looked after. Kill Daka, then MT, then AV or Ghost. Beware AV AOE as that can bring your team crashing down.