This is an easy matchup for GAS on offense in arena with comparable gear/relics, but it’s less than ideal in GAC because it’s hard to keep all of your toons alive and GAS has no health/protection regen. This matchup is easily winnable with either Ahsoka or ARC as the 5th, though ARC is preferable. There are two common DR lineups: the all offense squad that runs Sith Marauder and the more defensive one that runs Sith Trooper. The strategy is very similar against both – it should be easy for you to get your Rex faster than any of their toons. Start the fight with your tenacity up and then there are two goals prior to the other team moving: to kill DBast and score a critical hit against DR to increase his cooldowns. Usually you can only do one of these and it can vary based off of your turn order after you use Rex’s special as well as how many taunters the enemy team is employing. After that, your GAS is likely to be taken down to cover due to Malak’s drain, etc. Make sure you don’t use 5’s special while GAS is in cover – you need his sacrifice to proc to increase your teams stats. After DBast is killed you will probably have to kill Malak due to fear procs, but if you can try to focus down HK/Marauder/DR and leave Malak for last. Most battles will end with only 5’s dead, but even with bad RNG you should be able to win as long as you kill at least 2 toons before its just GAS left. Make sure you attack DR to increase his fear cooldown if that’s the case.