Dark Side First Order

GL Kylo Ren

GL Kylo is the strongest individual character in the game so any team with him in it is focused on keeping him alive long enough to stack his siphon and mastery high enough to where he can kill the enemy team. A full First Order team gets the most advantage from his leadership and the advantage mechanic. KRU, Hux, SiT (Red), FOST, FOO and FOSTP are the most commonly used FO characters under his leadership. Other dark side characters like GBA, Malak and Wat can be used as well depending on matchups. Light side characters do not gain any advantages from his leadership and generally should not be used. Remember that GL Kylo’s ultimate charges based off of damage done to enemies and gets more charges for critical hits so characters with AOE like SiT (Red) work very well with him. Remember that Stasis Strike dispels all buffs on the enemy team which is very useful when facing characters like General Kenobi who provide critical hit immunity.