Light Side Resistance

GL Rey

Consistent with the lore, Rey is the polar opposite to Galactic Legend Kylo. Her kit is designed to withstand massive hits from enemy attackers and in keeping the team alive. She has two massive attacks, her Whirlwind and Ultimate ability which can devastate an opponent. You’ll generally want to run at least one tank with Rey, as keeping the heat off of her is a critical piece of success. ZHoldo is an excellent option, as she offers 20% Critical Avoidance to all Resistance allies which further bolsters the defensive strengths of this team. The Resistance Hero Finn is also an excellent component of this team as his turn meter swap can be used to appropriately time Rey’s abilities. Aside from the Resistance characters, several other comps are possible with various light side characters (General Skywalker, Jedi Knight Revan, Chewbacca and Zaalbar, for example). Zaalbar can be a particularly good addition as he will basically function as a pretaunt