1. need good mods, Bastila and Old ben need to have over 240 speed, bastila needs to be faster than old ben. JKR should be fastest on your team, over 310, Hermit yoda needs to be as high as possible. JKL needs to have high offense, preferably some speed as well

2. SLK uses his stun on JKR, procs savior

3. JKR passes turn to JKL using first special, JKL will use his mass stun

4. Hermit yoda uses masters training to call JKL to assist against KRU

5. Bastila calls JKL to assist against KRU.

6. JKR uses his mark on Hux

7. Old ben mind tricks the entire team. ideally SLK gets ability blocked as well.

8. JKL uses first special to kill hux if he’s still alive, or else focus and kill Sith trooper in the upcoming moves

9. hermit yoda uses his mass heal to spread foresight ( needs zeta)

10. kill the other tanks, use JKR to pass turns to JKL to get more damage in

11. once JKR has mark available once more, use it to mark SLK can finish him it only works for SLKs whose speed Pre-leadership is 520 or lower, for every additional speed that the opposing SLK has, you need extra 0.5 speed over the base mentioned in the beginning