Speed +Health

JKR – R3, SPD/H, +285spd, 65k h
SHAAK – R3, SPD/H, +280spd,
GMY – R7, OFF/H, OFF/CC, +260spd, 60k health, +5k pdmg JOLEE – R4, TEN/TEN, TEN/H, +130% tenacity, crit avoid arrow, 70k health, spd irrelevant
HY – G12, SPD/H, spd bit slower then jkr, as much health as possible
INFO: Use of JKR lead combined with GMY foresight and right turn order gets you thru GG swiftly. SHAAK can decently replace Bastila in here as she has cleanse, asists, heal, offense up and diapell and so Bastila can be used with other Jedi then.

TACTICS: Start by swapping tm JKR on GMY,copy buffs, spread foresight. Smart use of JKR lead and Saviour, plus JOLEEs revive and you shouldnt loose. First mark goes to B2, after try to get cd on it soon and 2nd mark GG. In process is always good to get rid if DDK sooner especialy if reliced. Keep noted if JOLEE moded right he cant be easily killed by GG and can save your squad by smart use of revives. If JOLE with less ten then give him MT byff from HY for added ten.