OLD DAKA with zeta mandatory.
zzMT – 210spd, 6.5k+ off, high potency
zDAKA – H/H, SPD/H, 80k h, +250spd, 80% pot
zzAV – OFF/POT, CD/CC, 230spd, 4K+ dmg
ZOMBIE – 215, higher health
SPIRIT – fast +270Spd, high pot 100%, and offense as high as can

INFO: Utilizing MT lead and unique zetas with the one on Daka combined with right modding – about 100k health and relic3 gets her indestructable versus SOME iterations of GG squads (GG BB8, GG DDK). Constant tm fill and Dakas max health boost when she revives someone makes her survive, revive and kill GG and the droids. Reliced GG squads need reliced Daka with 90k+health.

TACTICS: MT LEAD and her zetas combined with zDAKA makes an easier target for GG to kill, but utilizing Daka revive when needed survivability is high. First kill B2, after go for DDK or B1 if possible. Use of specials (mt lead) as well as MT plague will help to kill of B2 sooner if you lack in offense.