Padme – HP. Speed 220-. No speed arrow!
Anakin – CD/Off + HP. Speed 250+. Potency Cross mandatory for healing immunity on Malak. C-3PO – Speed + Potency. Speed 260+.
GK – HP. Speed 260+.
Ahsoka – HP + (optional) CD/Off. No speed arrow!
Kill all others, and Malak last, as he is immune to Courage damage. Always have 3 Translation stacks on Padme (when she has 3 stacks, C-3PO’s basic reduces her cooldowns).
Detailed Fight:
DR, BSF, Malak will take their turn first. Don’t cast Anakin’s AOE yet! (will probably trigger Malak’s Drain on Padme (Deathmark) and kill her). Padme’s turn — cast the mass cleanse (1st special) and turn all debuffs into Protection Up. Anakin’s turn — will have a lot of Courage stacks. Cast his AOE on BSF – this should kill her. Focus HK next — kill him before he can snipe one of your toons. Use GK’s mass assist (last special) / Padme’s mass assist (last special) / Ahsoka’s special. Only DR + Malak left: DR will split his HP with Malak before dying (because Courage stacks are separate hits), and this will trigger Malak’s drain again. Padme, Anakin & C-3PO must survive this! (GK should taunt). Only Malak left: Padme — Cast specials on cooldown. Anakin — Attack basic if Malak doesn’t have healing immunity. Cast AOE if he does. Ahsoka, if alive — Cast special on cooldown.